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2016 Wrap-Up

Dear Fellow Bushcrafters,

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Jacques Gerber for winning our knife competition!  We are hoping to have another one next year as well.

We are aware of the fact that this time of the year always creates a lot of stress and pressure for everyone and, have decided that we will not do anymore workshops in 2016.

Our aim is to start 2017 afresh with an Introductory Workshop toward the end of January and will let you know dates a little closer to the time.  We have a basic “curriculum” of sorts, derived from the questionnaires that were filled in at our very first Workshop and we will be presenting it to participants in January as a basic outline of what to expect in the coming year.

We are going camping from 19 – 29 December for a good dose of bushcraft and all that is wholesome and good in the outdoors.  We hope that you are also planning something similar and getting your feet dirty at least for a little while during the festive season!  We wish all our readers and participants a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!




Craft Workshop – Newlands Forest Picnic Area

Our next workshop is on our doorstep – coming up this Saturday, 1 October 2016. As previously indicated, this will be a craft workshop.

The weather has been forecast as clear, so we have decided that the best venue for this workshop will be in the Newlands Forest Picnic area, which officially re-opens on 1 October. Please note that there is a cover-charge per vehicle and person. Due to this, we have decided to revert the Workshop fees back to what we normally do:

Children 6 – 12: Free

Children & Adults from age 12 and upwards: R100.00 each

The gate fees at Newlands Forest are:

R25 per adult per day
R15 per child, per day
Additionally: R25 per vehicle

Please don’t forget to RSVP to so that we can calculate how many materials are needed.

Birthday Workshop – A Great Success!

Hello Fellow Bushcrafters!

On Saturday, 18 September, we were privileged to hold a Birthday Bushcraft Workshop for 5 enthusiastic young teenagers. It was a great success and we are hoping that word will spread so that we can do more of these types of workshops as well. The feedback was really positive and it was so encouraging watching the boys come away from it with more knowledge and confidence in the Bushcraft ideology that we shared with them.

Thomas, who was celebrating his 13th Birthday, is also now the proud owner of a knife kindly donated to Big Bear Outdoors.

Here are some photos of our activities:

img_6182_compressed img_6185_compressed img_6188_compressed img_6191_compressed img_6194_compressed img_6196_compressed img_6197_compressed img_6202_compressed img_6203_compressed img_6205_compressed img_6207_compressed img_6211_compressed img_6217_compressed img_6222_compressed img_6226_compressed img_6166_compressed img_6168_compressed img_6172_compressed img_6174_compressed img_6176_compressed img_6178_compressed img_6180_compressed

Kids Craft Workshop Update

Hello Bushcrafters,

We have created a Facebook Event of the next workshop (happening on 1 October 2016), which will be updated as we are able to confirm things.

The times will be as usual – between 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM.

The venue will be situated in the Southern Suburbs – we are just unsure exactly where yet – the weather will play a large part in this.  As soon as we are able to secure one, we will let you know.

Please RSVP either via the Facebook Event, or via email:

Kids Craft Workshop Coming Up!

DSCF6211Our next workshop will be on Saturday, 1 October 2016.

As you all should know by now, bushcraft isn’t always about survival, it is also about acquiring skills to make things in order to develop a comfortable level of self-reliance.

It can definitely also be about having FUN!

This upcoming workshop is going to be aimed toward kids, but adults are more than welcome to participate as well.

The objective will be to make what can only be described as primitive badminton sets – the primary materials being wood, leather and feathers.

stacked_woodDue to materials needed for this venture, we will need an RSVP from you by no later than Friday, 16 September – this is so that we will have enough time to purchase and prepare the items for the workshop.

Once you send us the RSVP, we will disclose the venue.

We also need to charge a slightly different fee structure so that we can cover the expense of the materials for the craft projects.

The fees will be as follows:

Children 6 – 12:  R50.00 each

Children & Adults from age 12 and upwards:  R150.00 each

Obviously there is a reasonable level of dexterity needed, so we would recommend that the participants should not be younger than 6 years old.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own refreshments during the workshop – so bring whatever you would like to drink and nibble on.

We will also be holding a raffle with a mystery prize.

This is really going to be a fun project and we look forward to seeing you again soon – it’s been too long!

Next Workshop – End September

Hello Bushcrafters!

Life has a funny way of getting a tad overwhelming with STUFF happening left, right and centre.

We realized with a fright that we  are already approaching the end of August and decided that, instead of rushing into the next workshop, we would prefer to postpone it to the end of September and prepare properly for it.

The main focus is going to be a craft workshop aimed particularly at kids (but of course adults are more than welcome to participate as well).  Finer details will be shared as we roll through September (no doubt at light speed).

The good news is, if you are keen for a nice scenic drive and a change of scenery, Big Bear Outdoors has been invited to do a Fathers & Sons Bushcraft demonstration at 12:00 PM on Saturday, 3 September at a little farm called Salem just outside Paarl.

Check out the poster below for more details:


Shelter Building Feedback

Hello everyone,

Our Shelter Building Workshop was a huge success and we would just like to thank everyone who was able to attend – without you, we couldn’t be doing any of this – your enthusiasm and interest is the fuel that keeps the workshops moving forward and we regard this as an exciting adventure that we’re experiencing with you.

We are hoping to have notes completed for upload – but can’t specify when that will be – we would like to actually have our own images and lecture notes, so if you could please be patient while we create these, we would appreciate it.

The pictures say it all – so here they are:

A Show of Hands for Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hello Everyone!

We would love to get some feedback to find out who will be joining us on Saturday for the Basic Shelter Building Workshop.

Please send us an email ( OR or go to our Facebook Event and indicate that you are attending.  This will help us to know how many printouts to make for participants.

Just to recap on some of the finer details:

What time? 

09:00 – 13:00 (approximately)


Newlands Forest Parking Lot – look for our Orange Flag

What to bring? 

Whatever you think you would use to build a shelter

Your 5 & 10 C’s of Survivability – if you have put them together

Your own refreshments

Fees are as follows:

Adults = R100
Children 12 – 16 = R50
Children Under 12 = R0.00

The simplest way to make payment will be to please bring the cash with you on the day of the workshop.

OR – you can do an EFT – just email me and I will send you the details.

What will the weather be doing?

According to this forecast, Saturday is going to be clear!

See you there 🙂

Basic Shelter Building this Saturday!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the next Workshop is on our doorstep already!

We’ve had a look at the weather forecast, and although there is a bit of rain here and there during the upcoming week, Saturday looks to be clear so far.  And besides, if it rains, what better motivation to learn how to build a shelter!

Click here for the finer details on location, cost, etc: Basic Shelter Building

We also have a Facebook Event.

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂